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575 High Angle View

Side View Front View

Model 575 Warning Lights System

The Model 575 is a high visibility radon level warning lights accessory system for use with various alphaNUCLEAR WL monitors.

575The system includes 3 large maintenance free multi LED ultra bright lights (green, yellow, red).

The lights are controlled by signals through a cable connection from a WL monitor located under the 575 Warning Lights System. Power for the lights is provided by a power supply included in the Model 575.

Model 575 lights systems are used in most of the high grade uranium mines such as Eagle Point, McArthur River, and Cigar Lake, as well as uranium mill sites.

Description of the system:

- Sealed fiber glass main structure with stainless steel protective top cover and lower WL monitor housing.

- System weight: 8.6 kg (19 lb)

- Physical Dimensions: 28" high by 10" wide by 6" deep (approx)

- Internal DC lights power supply powered from any standard AC receptacle (<25 Watts)

- Lights consist of an array of ultra bright LEDs and a solid state relay.

- Quick release sealed signal connector to WL monitor.

- WL monitor may be retained within the protective housing under the main structure, or may by located remotely (1 km or 3280 ft) from the 575 when fitted with an extension signal cable.

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