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Lying Down Upright and Hanging Side by Side 575ES-1 Option 575-2C Cable 575ES-6 Option

Model 575ES, 575ES-1 and 575ES-6 Warning Lights System

The Model 575ES is a high visibility radon level warning lights accessory system for use with various alphaNUCLEAR WL monitors.

575ESThe system includes 3 large maintenance free multi LED ultra bright lights (green, yellow, red) viewable from all angles.

The lights are controlled by signals through a cable connection from a WL monitor located within 1 km (3280 ft) of the 575ES Warning Lights System. Power for the lights is provided by a power supply included in the Model 575ES that requires the unit to be plugged into a nearby AC outlet.

The 575ES can also be used in conjuction with a regular 575, if local and remote visibility is required for one WL monitor, via our Model 577 Y-Adaptor. The WL monitor could be placed in the 575 along with a Y-Adaptor and then the 575ES could be connected with an extension cable and mounted up to 1 km (3280 ft) away.

Other options include: the 575ES-1, 575-2C and 575ES-6. The 575ES-1 includes a water-tight panel mount connector that is used in conjunction with a 575-2C cable. With these options the 575ES-1 is not limited to a hardwired cable of a certain length. Rather, one or multiple 575-2C cables of different lengths can be provided to allow for more flexibility to the end user. Using these options allows the user to easily switch a damaged cable if the unit is not functioning rather than physically removing the entire 575ES-1 from use.

The 575ES-6 maintains the practicality of the 575ES-1 and 575-2C, but incorporates the light break out box functionality of the Model 576. The end user is provided with dry contacts (one normally open and one normally closed) for each light (green, yellow and red). Please see picture provided below. Another cable can be fed through the provided strain relief and manually wired into the provided terminal block. Please contact us with your cable requirements and we can adjust the size of strain relief to match your end needs.

575ES-6 Dry Contact Options

Description of the system:

- Sealed fiber glass main structure.

- Internal DC power supply powered from any standard AC receptacle (<25 Watts)

- Lights consist of a 360° array of ultra bright LEDs

- Quick release sealed signal connector to WL monitor

- WL monitor may be up to 1 km (3280 ft) from the 575ES

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