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Model 595-2U "Prism"

The Model 595-2U is a CWL monitor intended for operation as a station monitor. The 595-2U features 4 alpha energy counting windows. These windows are internally set to count the activity on the filter from RaA (6MeV), RaC' (7.7 meV), ThC' (8.8 MeV), and gross count (>2 MeV).

595-2UThe 595-2U features include three radon level indicating LED lamps (green, yellow, and red). To provide a quick recovery from an alarm condition, the lamps activation is referenced to the RaA count , to optimize this unique feature, the alpha energy resolution is enhanced by the inclusion of an alpha particle collimator between the detector and the filter.

The light's activation levels are user set via the RS-232 serial communication port.

The 595-2U is fitted with an internal rechargeable battery. This battery is capable of supporting over 12 hours of operation without power from the AC adapter/battery charger.

An optional stainless steel cover is available to protect the instrument in extremely hostile environments (underground mining). An optional stainless steel slide-in mounting bracket is available to retain the 595-2U on a shelf structure.

An optional waterproof connector provides control signals for external lights systems, such as the 575 and 575ES light boxes.

Description of the system:

- Aluminum structure with optional stainless steel cover

- Instrument weight: 2.25 kg (4.95 lb)

- Ambient air is pumped at 250 cc/minute (350 cc/minute optional) through a 0.8 micron filter membrane. The flow rate is servo controlled.

- Detector: Silicon Diffused Junction, 400 square millimeters area.

- Internal Electronics:

         Pulse amplifier

         Four channel Analyzer

         Real time clock and calendar

         Non volatile data memory

         Microprocessor with unique numeric identity

- Data collection: 10 minute intervals for up to several days, retrieved via RS- 232 interface. The RS-232 interface is also used to set the warning lights activation thresholds.

- Power Supply: Internal rechargeable battery (>12 hours autonomy) and AC adapter / battery charger.

- Software: A PC based Windows program acquires and processes alpha count data and reports periodic and average WL. Also allows reporting of RaA in Bq/ cubic meter, Radon WL, and Thoron WL.

- An optional waterproof connector provides control signals for the Model 575 series warning light systems.

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