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Model 597-PX3 "PRISM"

The Model 597-PX3 (herein referred to as PX3) is an upgrade of our 595 Continuous Working Level monitor, and is intended for operation as a station monitor. It is offered as an upgrade to existing 595 units or as a new unit. The PX3 features five alpha energy counting windows. These windows are internally set to count the activity on the filter from the Po-218 or RaA (6 MeV), Po-214 or RaC' (7.7 MeV), Po-212 or ThC' (8.8 MeV), high energy (>9.0 MeV) and gross counts (>2 MeV).

597-PX3The PX3 features include three level indicating ultra-bright LED lamps (green, yellow, and red) for easy visibility, and an LCD screen that displays the calculated working level and radon concentration levels. There are two calculations displayed, a short 10-minute calculation of both radon and working level, and a long calculation that uses data from three hours previous.

The light's activation levels are user set via the Prism Configuration Utility. They can be set to work off radon and/or working level values.

The PX3 boasts 2GB of internal data storage which can record over 100 years of data. Each time the unit is turned off and on, or a job run is programmed via the Configuration Utility, a new result file is created. These result files are opened with Excel and are limited to 65,535 lines, or about 455 days. When the unit is plugged in to the USB port of a PC or laptop, the data storage device will show up in My Computer as a Device with Removable Storage. The result files can then be copied to the PC or other storage device.

The membrane switch located on the side of the unit performs multiple tasks. Pressing the switch for less than a second will turn the LCD backlight on for easy visibility of the data, and then after a few seconds the screen displays the filter and battery status along with time and date. If the switch is held for more than a second, all the indicator lights will turn on, the screen informs you it is testing the lights, and it also shows the firmware version installed in the unit.

The PX3 is fitted with an internal rechargeable battery. This battery is capable of supporting over 12 hours of operation without power from the AC adapter/battery charger.

An optional stainless steel cover is available to protect the instrument in extremely hostile environments (underground mining). An optional stainless steel slide-in mounting bracket is available to retain the PX3 on a shelf structure.

An optional waterproof connector provides control signals for external lights systems, such as the 575 and 575ES light boxes.

Description of the system:

- Aluminum structure with optional stainless steel cover

- LCD for display of radon gas concentration and working level values

- Ambient air is pumped at 250 cc/minute (350 cc/minute optional) through a 0.8 micron filter membrane. The flow rate is servo controlled.

- Detector: Ion-Implanted Silicon Detector, 450 square millimeters area.

- Internal Electronics:

         Pulse amplifier

         Five channel analyzer

         PIC microcontroller with serial number identification

         2GB flash memory data storage

         USB communication

- Data collection: 10 minute intervals for up to 455 days (one result file), retrieved via USB interface. The USB interface is also used to set the warning lights activation thresholds.

- Power Supply: Internal rechargeable battery (>12 hours autonomy) and AC power cord.

- Software: A PC based Windows program called the Prism Configuration Utility for setting multiple parameters and different types of job runs.

- Interface: Proprietary cable connects to USB port on a PC or laptop.

- An optional waterproof connector provides control signals for the Model 575 series warning light systems.

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