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alphaNUCLEAR Gamma Probe Overview

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alphaNUCLEAR Gamma Probe

The alphaNUCLEAR Gamma Probe is intended to determine the location, extent, and grade of uranium ore deposits when used in conjunction with a winch and logging system.

alphaNUCLEAR Gamma ProbeThe alphaNUCLEAR Gamma Probe can be used in any mining drillholes such as open, cased, liquid or air filled holes, or through drill rods.

A pair of Geiger Muller (GM) tubes are used for gamma radiation detection. For medium and low grade ores (0.05% to 20%) a pair of ZP1200 GM tubes are used, and for high grade ores (0.1% to 70%) a pair of ZP1320 GM tubes are used. Two GM tubes are used in each unit to decrease "dead time" (amount of time the GM tube is unable to respond to radiation) and increase the number of counts per second that the probe is capable of measuring.

The alphaNUCLEAR Gamma Probe transmits a 5µS pulse through the logging cable. On a two-wire logging cable the pulse rides on top of the DC power line, on a three-wire logging cable the pulse is transmitted on its own line. The pulse is positive polarity with a maximum count rate of 40,000 cps. Signal processing assures anticoincidence when both GM tubes send pulses simultaneously.

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