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Mine Bucket/Scoop Scanner Manual

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Bucket/Scoop Scanner

The Bucket/Scoop Scanner is an automated system used to provide the user with accurate ore grade information and bucket/scoop driver instruction. The bucket/scoop driver parks under the detector heads and distance sensor. Then using a remote, enters the origin of the load to initiate the scan. When the scan is complete, a horn sounds to inform the driver it was completed, then ore grade and stockpile directions are displayed on a large LED sign.

Bucket/Scoop ScannerThe ore grade thresholds are user configurable using a Windows based interface program installed on a PC mounted in the main enclosure. Text and .CSV files are created for the results of scans, background tests, and detector tests. Scan results include date, time, stope number and bucket/scoop ID, ore category, measurement is cumulative for each detector, distance measured from load to detector heads, and averaged cumulative counts conditioned to distance (if selected). alphaNUCLEAR can be contacted for user specific output formats.

Remotes can be coded with a "bucket/scoop number" indentifiable by the scanner software.

Optional sensor(s) and traffic light system can be installed for proper bucket/scoop positioning.

Description of the system:

- Main enclosure:

         One 10A and two 5A DC power supplies

         PC with hardware and software to run system

         LCD screen and flip-up keyboard

         Plugs into standard AC receptacle

         Infrared receiver

         Digit entry display

         Optional lock-out using signal from bucket/scoop position sensors

         Green/Red LEDs for position display


- Detector Heads:

         Solid State and GM Tube detectors

         Verfication test source

         Thermostat controlled heaters

         Insulated for cold environments

- Distance Sensors:

         Intrinsically safe ultrasonic sensors

         Green power LEDs

- Data collection: Text and .CSV files are created for scans, background checks, and detector tests.

- Software: A Windows based interface program for system configuration.

- All enclosures are NEMA 4 rated for adverse conditions.

- All cables and connectors are heavy-duty and water resistant.

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