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alphaNUCLEAR started business in 1975 as a manufacturer of instrumentation for the detection and measurement of radon gas and radon progeny. These instruments are used worldwide in applications that include health physics, geophysics and earthquake prediction, and environmental studies.

In mining health physics applications, our continuous working level (CWL) monitors are used in many of the world's uranium mines. These compact, rugged, lightweight scientific instruments monitor, record, and if so equipped, provide prompt visual and audible warning of radon levels. Most are deployed on or within visual range of personnel working in confined under ground environments such as mines, caves, storage facilities, and tunneling operations.

The application range of these CWL instruments is from ambient outdoor background levels to potentially very high levels that could be encountered in a high grade uranium mine or nuclear facilities.

To facilitate calibration of all types radon measurement instruments, alphaNUCLEAR has installed a large volume (34 cubic meter) radon chamber.

In 2001, alphaNUCLEAR became a member of the Cameco group of companies and moved its operations from Ontario to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, a major centre for uranium mining. The alphaNUCLEAR company is owned by Cameco Corporation, one of the worlds largest uranium producers, and operates out of the Cameco Operations Centre.

Cameco's acquisition of alphaNUCLEAR allowed our product portfolio to expand into geology and exploration equipment. In recent years, alphaNUCLEAR has designed its own standard and high flux probe line. Ore grade scanner service and repair was also added. We've recently designed our own ore-truck scanner, bucket-scoop scanner with a skip scanner soon to follow.

The TeamalphaNUCLEAR is recognized worldwide, our customers include the mining industry, nuclear facilities, universities and research institutes on all continents. We also provide technical support, calibration and maintenance for all our products plus several other products used in mining and exploration. alphaNUCLEAR also offers custom designs and manufacturing of radon related instrumentation and accessories. On-site technical consulation is also provided upon request.


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