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New 595-2 "Prism" Upgrade Coming Soon!

AlphaNUCLEAR is in the final stages of production on an upgrade to the 595-2 "Prism" CWL monitor. This new model, and optional upgrade for existing 595-2 units, features an LCD screen that displays Radon levels and Working Level updated every 10 minutes. The "light test" button now has more than one function. Pressing and releasing the button will prompt the LCD to display the time, date, filter efficiency, and battery status. Pressing and holding the button for a few seconds will initiate a standard light test and the LCD will display "Testing Lights" for verification.

This new model/upgrade also comes with a proprietary cable for connection to a USB port on a PC or laptop. Data collection is made very simple and does not require any software as the Prism is reported as a USB mass storage device and uses windows native drivers. Simply copy the desired data to your PC or laptop. Each "job" run by the Prism is separated into spreadsheet files for easy viewing of the Radon and Working Level data. The internal memory is also much larger with this new model/upgrade to allow for longer data retention.

Radon and Working Level display in short term (new data every 10 minutes) and long term average:

Displaying Results

Pressing and releasing the button shows time, date, filter efficiency, and battery status:

Filter, Battery, Date and Time Check

If the pump becomes resitricted, the LCD backlight will flash and notify the user:

Showing Error Condition with Flashing Backlight

Sneak peek at the new GUI used for setting thresholds and calibration parameters:

PRISM Configuration GUI



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