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Ore Scanners

Determine uranium ore grade estimates for loads in haul trucks and scoop buckets.

The alphaNUCLEAR Ore Scanner is an automated system used to provide accurate ore grade information and provide instructions to the equipment operators. Ore scanners are configurable for both scanning ore in haul trucks and ore in the bucket of scoops. The equipment operator simply parks under the scanner heads and distance sensor, and using a remote, enters the origin of the load to initiate the scan. When the scan is complete, a horn sounds to inform the driver it was competed, and the ore grade category (i.e. waste, low, medium, high, or other user defined categories) and stockpile directions are displayed on the systems main monitor, and on an optional large indoor/outdoor LED display board.

Each ore scanner is equipped with two scanner heads and a distance sensor, which is mounted above a scanner bay. Each scanner head has a high-grade and a low-grade detector, and the appropriate detector is auto selected based on count rates. Each scanner also has a test source for each detector, that are used to check the functionality of the detectors. The results of each scanner head are averaged by the system’s software to determine the ore grade category, which is displayed for the equipment operators and also saved to file.

Since the same hardware is used for both truck and scoop scanning, the hardware is interchangeable for all of a site’s ore scanners. This provides an additional level of redundancy if there is a failure in a component of the system, especially for remote sites. The system can also run in single head mode, which adds to the system’s redundancy.

The ore grade thresholds are user configurable using a Windows based interface program installed on a PC mounted in the main enclosure. Text and .CSV files are created for the results of scans, background tests, and detector tests. Scan results include date, time, stope number and equipment (truck/scoop) ID, ore category, cumulative counts for each detector, distance measured from load to detector heads, and averaged distance compensated (if selected) cumulative counts. User specific output formats are also possible.

Remotes can be coded with an equipment number to identify the truck/scoop by the scanner software.

Optional sensor(s) and a traffic light system can be installed for proper equipment positioning.

Ore Scanner Features

  • Main Enclosure:
    • 1 10A and two 5A DC power supplies
    • PC with hardware and software to run the system
    • LCD Screen with flip-up keyboard
    • Plugs into standard AC receptacle
    • Green and red lights for operator instructions
  • Scanner Heads (x2):
    • Solid-state low-grade detector
    • GM tube high-grade detector
    • Verification test arm
    • Thermostatically controlled heaters
    • Insulated from cold environments
  • Distance Sensor:
    • Intrinsically safe ultrasonic sensor
  • Remote Receiver:
    • Infrared receiver
    • Digit entry display (entered from remotes)
    • Optional lock-out using signal from equipment position sensors
    • Green/Red LEDs for position display
    • Horn
  • Traffic Light (optional):
    • Lights and the display on the front of the main enclosure are available to provide instructions to the operators for load positioning. However, if a traffic light system is wanted, this can be incorporated with the system.
  • Data Collection: Text and .CSV files are created for scans, background checks, and detector tests.
  • Software: A Windows based interface program for system configuration.
  • All enclosures are NEMA 4 rated for adverse conditions.
  • All cables and connectors are heavy-duty and water resistant.

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