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PRISMs & Accessories

alphaNUCLEAR’s popular, industrial grade, continuous working level monitor.

Model 611 alphaMETER

For detection, counting and recording of radon gas present in near surface soil.

Gamma Downhole Probes

Used to determine the location, extent and grade of uranium ore deposits.

Ore Scanners for Trucks & Scoops

To determine uranium ore grade estimates of loads in haul trucks and scoop buckets.


Radon Chamber

alphaNUCLEAR’s walk-in radon chamber is available for calibration and testing services.

Exploration Winches

Repair and servicing of geophysical borehole winches.

Geophysical Probes & Downhole Tools

Calibration and servicing of several different types of geophysical probes and downhole tools.


Calibration and servicing of the popular SPP2 Portable Prospecting Scintillometer.

Air Sampling Pumps

Repair and servicing for many makes and models of air sampling pumps.

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